February 2016 Update

There’s a lot happening in our office as we move into February 2016.  Here a few highlights of what we’re working on these days:

  • We’re thinking about Toronto’s Downtown a lot because we’re leading City Planning’s engagement and communication work for TOcore. Our team is big, smart, and diverse – including Studio Jaywall, Maximum City, Urban Strategies, the Canadian Urban Institute, John Beaucage and many of the young people who worked with us to develop City Planning’s first Youth Engagement Strategy. We’re also working on the Parks & Public Realm component of TOcore with Public Work and Gael Architects, and on the Community Services & Facilities component with the Canadian Urban Institute and Social Planning Toronto.
  • We’re in Mississauga working on a plan for the future of Dundas (there we’re working with AECOM and SvN). The public process will be kicking off with visioning in April 2016, watch our calendar for specific meeting dates and projects links – we’ll post as they’re available.
  • We’re working with the Premier’s Special Advisor on Community Hubs (Karen Pitre) to help create and steward new ways to collaborate around the use of public assets – starting with a detailed look at Bloor and Dufferin.
  • Following up on previous electrification work we’ve completed for Metrolinx, our team is working with Morrison Hershfield and Gannett Fleming on the environmental assessment for GO system-wide electrification.

In other news, we also just heard that our proposals to CIP and OPPI have been accepted – we’re going to talk about engaging the public meaningfully in the policy development process. Looking forward to it!