Swerhun Updates

Watch Last Week's Mayoral Debate on "Heritage Matters"

Last week, Nicole moderated a mayoral debate for Heritage Toronto with The Toronto Historical Association. Mayoral candidates Olivia Chow, David Socknacki, and John Tory discussed heritage preservation issues, a Toronto museum, First Nations heritage, the Ontario Municipal Board, and permit systems.

You can watch the complete debate above, or visit the Vimeo page for links to specific questions and answers.

New Website!


The last few years have been exciting for our firm: we've added some new people to our team, expanded the services we offer, and worked on some fantastic projects. In the midst all this excitement, we decided it was time to update our website, too! 

We had a couple of goals in mind with the update: we wanted to better tell the story of who we are and what we do, profile past and current projects, and showcase our research. We also wanted to make it a place people where could learn about upcoming meetings, events, and other related news. Finally, we wanted to give the site a new look and feel and make sure it played nice with the many devices people use.

There are a couple of the things we're particularly excited about:

  • Current project profiles. Highlights of our current work, including links to project-specific websites or other background materials.
  • Events calendarA list of all the upcoming public meetings and events we're helping to run. (It's a little sparse in the summer - but it'll fill out in the Fall)!
  • NewsThat's this page! We'll use it to share updates about our work, research, and other things we find interesting in the world of public engagement.

We have other plans for the website, too; we want it to be a place where people interested in public engagement can learn more about deliberative decision-making, use some of the resources we've developed to help us in our work, and see examples how participants in engagement processes have influenced outcomes.

We're excited to take this next step for our team, and look forward to sharing more news soon!