Stack of Discuss.Decide.Do. book

Why this book
is online

We know that one of the main reasons we are able to do the work we do is because others have been generous in sharing their knowledge, experience, and expertise with us. We also know that there are many people out there who are keen to learn more about how to design, deliver, and document credible, productive consultation processes. It has long been one of our goals to share the principles, techniques, and tools we use far and wide, and to see them taken up, improved upon, and shared further by others.

That's why we've published the entirety of our book Discuss.Decide.Do. on our website, making it free for anyone to learn about and use. Whether you're a student, practitioners, community leader, advocate, or just interested in democracy between elections, we hope you find something useful here. If you find something here especially useful, please share it far and wide (and let us know about it, too)!

And of course, if you'd like a hard copy, you can always buy one in our store.

Happy reading!

- The Swerhun team