Step 8: Use the Feedback Received

The eight and final step involves connecting the feedback received to decision(s) at hand.

From our experience, there are really only four ways to respond to the feedback you receive: yes, you will act on the suggestion(s) made; no, you won't; you might; or you can't.

  • If the answer is yes, explain how the feedback will be integrated into the recommended solution before it is finalized.
  • If the answer is no, explain why, in your professional judgement, you are not comfortable supporting or acting on the suggestion. It is critical to include an explanation of the consequences associated with acting on the suggestions and the rationale behind your discomfort.
  • If your answer is “maybe”, than you need to outline the process you will follow to get the additional information you need to decide whether you are comfortable refining the proposed solution. The process should include a timeline, the steps you will take to get the information, and who will be involved along the way.
  • If the feedback is not within your jurisdiction, it is important to direct people to where their feedback should go.